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Steps for VET TEC
Employment Certification

The goal of the VET TEC program is to assist Veterans obtain employment. To preserve the integrity and success of such a program, the VA is updating and clarifying the job certification requirements surrounding what is deemed as acceptable and reasonable for the reporting of meaningful employment.

STEP 1: Download the VET TEC Employment Checklist and VET TEC Employment Form VBA-22-10201

STEP 2: All Meaningful Employment Packages MUST include all of the following 

  • VA Employment Certification Form (22-10201) completed in full. 22-10201 (

  • Employment Certification form signed by both student and SCO.

  • Description of job duties must be detailed and related to the completed program of study.

  • Employment must be in a career supported by the completed program of study.

  • Employment must be a paid position, full-time and a minimum of 30 hours per week.

  • Reports of contract jobs must be at least 6 months in length.

  • Package must include an offer letter and/or first pay stub. Documentation must be official and display the official company letterhead and start date which matches the start date on the employment certification form. (This is not required for self-employment)

  • The hire date or effective date MUST be after the start of the term and before the 180-day deadline.

  • VA may request additional documentation to support the claim if existing evidence provided is deemed insufficient by the VET TEC processing team.

STEP 3: Submit completed packages to Career Services at* or see Step 4 for additional requirements if either of these apply to you: Receiving a Promotion in Current Position or if you are submitting as Self-Employment

** Please Note: Any incomplete or unclear meaningful employment packages will NOT be accepted and will be returned to you for correction.

STEP 4: Additional Requirements for Promotion in Current Position and Self- Employment Employment Packages 

VA supports self-employment and other entrepreneurial endeavors as viable paths to achieving meaningful employment. However, students should explore all possible employment prospects and opportunities.

Promotion in Current Position

Promotion in Current Position:
• Must be a monetary promotion. A promotion is NOT simply a job title change without an increase in salary. A natural progression in pay is also not considered a promotion.
• In lieu of an offer letter, this package must also include consecutive pay stubs. The first from the previous position, and a pay stub under the new position clearly showing the monetary promotion.


• Proof of ownership of the business: These can include a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN); Articles of Organization, or Articles of Incorporation; copy of personal tax return with Schedule C; a copy of the Doing Business As (DBA) declarations, etc. It may also include a state tax ID Number or state business registration information.
• Copies of any valid personal licenses/certifications required for business operations (if applicable).
• Proof of legitimate business transactions: A bill and payment from a client that displays the type of services being provided and/or products sold. To avoid conflict of interest, this proof of business transaction should not be between the self-employed Veteran and their training provider.

• Be prepared to explain "expansion in scope level of services" and write a "letter explaining how the business grew".

Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out! You can submit a form here to be contacted, or you can email Career Services at:

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