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Funding Options for Affordable Training

There are multiple funding options available for AllSkilled students. We will work closely with you to help you identify the most cost-effective approach to achieving your career training goals.

Unemployment Benefits

WIOA Funding
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides job training benefits for adults, dislocated workers, and youth to help them gain the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment. To qualify, you must be approved by your local workforce development agency.

TAA Funding

Trade Adjustment Assistance Funding
The TAA program was designed to help workers who lost their previous job due to foreign outsourcing. The TAA program includes job training benefits that may be used at AllSkilled. The local workforce development agency must approve you for this funding.

Military Benefits


VET TEC, which stands for Veterans Employment Through Technology Education Courses, is a program offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in the United States. It provides eligible veterans with the opportunity to receive technology-focused training and education to enhance their skills and improve their employability in high-demand fields. Learn more here: VET TEC

Personal Financing

We offer multiple ways for you to finance your education and we will work with you to identify the best solution.

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